We believe in design as a tool to make things differently. With design, we seek to create innovative spaces, visually attractive and efficient in its use, with a distribution thought for the users and their needs. Spaces that invite to be enjoyed, and persuade towards a behavioral change in the user.

We work either for Commercial spaces and Home Spaces, and the following ones are just examples of the work we do.



Interior Design for a healthy food TakeAway restaurant. The main goal of the project was to optimize the use of the available area, considering the purchase process and the movement of the users inside the shop. We created a simple but visually appealing interior space and facade.



The challenge has been set: to be at the forefront. It isn't easy in a very competitive business; but Cromo has already occupied that place. Therefore, the challenge is to be once again the leading hairdressing saloon that it once was. In such a changing market, it implies a full reconstruction from the ground up, transgressing limits and proposing new approaches. With all these in our minds, we developed the concept “BACK TO THE ROOTS”. A conscious rebirth, with new guidelines and a renewed business model; converting itself from a typical hairdressing saloon to an open space of laboratory and experimentation, where the user experience can be so rewarding that coming back starts to be a need. The shop will be a mix between the classic and the wonderfully new, a repetitive contrast that will emphasize the concept of the space. Traditional materials applied in creative ways, vibrant colors crashing into ultra-basic schemes; patterns using dots and lines. A complete new layout that will creat an unique space.



For this project, we designed the interior space of one of the boxes at  "Campeón del Siglo" stadium, property of Club Atlético Peñarol. Using pieces of furniture from our "Axis" set of products, and also developing new designs such as a countertop, a kitchenette and decorative panels.



Taking advantage of the aesthetics of the space, we proposed a game of contradictions. In a company where the latest technology is a fundamental part of the development of the organization, we created a low-tech space. An analogy that emphasizes an great contrast between "software" and the "hardware". The “WAREHOUSE” concept aims to take the space to the roots of the industry, creating a hard but yet modern aesthetic.

Hard pieces such as oil barrels, an abundance of dark colors highlighted by yellow and red colors that seek to activate the psyche of the user. The division of spaces is well defined. We created a social area, close to the circulation area, and a private zone ideal to mantain quick meetings or to focus in a particular task. Green walls act as  space dividers, at the same time they give warmth to the working area. Minimal interventions that improve the whole office space.